Important tips and Information about Bathroom renovations, restoration and Rejuvenation

white bathroom interior with bathtub and wash basin

Bathroom Resurfacing is an excellent alternative to completely gutting and starting your bathroom renovation from scratch. When your looking for a return on an investment property or put a house on the market it is the best options. It is hands down Bang for buck

Resurfacing bathrooms require techniques and skill as well as quality material to refinish the surface of your bath. Bathtub refinishing is the best option for rejuvenating old worn baths. Melbourne bathroom resurfacing and repair solutions improves your tub’s and wall tiles appearance and saves you on replacement costs (you can save you up to 70%).  Resurfacing saves time as well. Professional technicians  take only 1.5 days from start to finish  . Once resurfaced, your bath will look refreshed for years to come.

Resurfacing can be completed on nearly any substrate , including Porcelain, Cast iron, Steel/enamel, Fiberglass, acrylic, poly marble surfaces.

Always ensure only the highest quality materials are used, used which gives you strongest possible surface for years of functionality  and reliability . Chemically etched processes generate hard-wearing surfaces that can last over a decade with appropriate care. After completion the surfaces are strong and durable . When it comes to bathtub resurfacing and repair always check out the company and how long it has been in business. There are a lot of cowboys that do substandard work for cheaper prices to lure in customers. When the baths or bathrooms fail they do not honour the warranties.

Bathtubs are used a lot , it’s vital to get the job right. Multiple procedures are carried out  to restore your bathroom.

Repairs are carried out which including minor dents and chips repairs to completely stripping the bath enamel off giving you the smoothest possible result. We chemically etch the surface leaving it porus ,caulking is removed.  The surface is prepped, then resins applied . This process lets coatings to bond directly with the surface area. After the bonding solution has been applied, A resurfacing pro will apply 3 coats of primer to form a solid foundation. A HVLP spray turbine creates a surface that matches the look and feel of a porcelain bath. Once this is complete, final top coat gloss is applied and is left to cure overnight.

Cast iron claw foot baths can also be restored. Some come from paddocks used as feeding troughs and some even are over 200 years old! It is a more expensive process than standard on-site Melbourne bathroom resurfacing and are usually done in factories giving you the ultimate finish and result. Wall tiles are always regrouted before resurfacing and make sure that your technician will complete this prior.

Waterproofing silicone sealant is Important!

choosing a caulker is a very important part. Make sure it’s done by professionals that have knowledge and experience caulking and complete understanding of the product they are use and apply to the highest standard.   Make sure silicone sealant is included with your next project.

Please be sure to read our next blog detailing Benchtop  resurfacing Melbourne, the do’s and dont’s, what to look out for when choosing a professional tradesman  for your scope of works.


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