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Why Do Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen Doors Peel Off?

We often get customers asking us this all the time . So, why do vinyl wrapped kitchen doors (known also as thermofoil) peel away? The simple answer is: they were made to peel. To further understand why they delaminate, you need to understand why and how they were made first.

How are Vinyl Wrapped Doors Produced?

First a Medium Density Fibre board (MDF) door is cut to the size required . A glue is then applied, and the vinyl is pressed onto the MDF. This process is done mechanically with more force than a person can.

A long time ago, the glue that was used in the manufacturing of vinyl wrapped doors was strong. It was long lasting, but it was also a hazardous chemical. Nowadays, more non toxic environmentally friendly sealant glue is used, but it’s not quite as strong anymore. As a result of this newer glue, even modern vinyl wrapped doors begin to fail and delaminate in only 5 or so years.

Why are Vinyl Wrapped Cabinets Popular?

Vinyl wrapped cabinets are very popular because they are a cheaper alternative to timber or 2-pack paint sprayed cabinets. They can also have a rebated border inside the door recess , a feature not available with melamine or laminate doors. Vinyl wrapped cabinets present value in the short-term only. Many new homes and units are built with flat pack vinyl wrapped cabinets, because they look similar to a 2 pack lacquered kitchen at the start and cost less than better quality cabinets. The problem is that they aren’t made to last longer than 5 to 7 years ( which covers the minimum building warranty), so whilst they are a cheaper alternative, you do only get what you pay for.

How do you repair my peeling Vinyl Cabinets?

Vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinets can’t really be repaired. Once the vinyl starts peeling away, it can’t be glued back onto the door. This is because of the way in which vinyl wrapped doors are manufactured, it’s impossible to fix them. The glue simply fails. When one cabinet begins to peel away, it’s quite likely that it’s an indicator that the rest are also going to start peeling soon.

There is only one real option to repair vinyl kitchen cabinets, and that is to professionally peel away all of the vinyl exposing the underlying MDF. That MDF is then sprayed in a 2 pack polyester undercoat twice and then finished with 3 coats of polyurethane topcoat in a finish and colour of your choice. Not all professional painters and/or polishers are capable or have the necessary tools to do this. At Vivid Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing, we have developed a professional technique that allows us to completely strip the vinyl away and spray the underlying MDF in a high quality two pack finish, giving you a result so amazing that your kitchen will look brand new once again. This process is only a fraction of the cost of completely replacing your cabinetry .

Get the right advice from our experts and have the job done properly.

There are companies out there that will tell you they can resurface over the vinyl. This does NOT work. Simply spraying over the vinyl will cause the solvents to seep through and hasten the onset of the delaminating process. We do not suggest spraying over vinyl wrapped doors.

If your vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinetry is starting to peel, Contact Us Today and have your kitchen cabinetry resurfaced professionally in our 2 pack finish, leaving them looking brand new again and lasting decades longer in most cases.

We can also resurface Kitchen Benchtops , splash tile, even bathroom wall tiles, shower bases and baths with this technique.

Contact us today for a free quote and never have to put up with peeling vinyl wrap kitchen doors and draws again!

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How we begin your kitchen transformation is by removing all cabinetry and old silicon. We mask up and protect all surrounding areas. Then we will set to work repairing any damage your kitchen has sustained over its life. We will set up a floor to ceiling temporary wall if needed, extraction fans and the equipment needed to begin the resurfacing process. The onsite work usually takes between 4 to 8 days depending. Whilst the onsite work is taking place your cabinetry is taken back to our factory where any repairs are done and they undergo the resurfacing process in a dust free environment, that gives you that quality finish of a brand-new kitchen. After your cabinetry has gone through the resurfacing process, you have the choice of having the latest soft close hinges and drawer runners installed or not, you can also choose whether you would like new handles fitted to complete the look of your new kitchen. Your new/old cabinetry is then reinstalled and all removed corking is replaced. We also have a fantastic range of stone look bench top resurfacing styles that you can chose from and we can even reglaze your splash tiles. There is no limit to color choice for your kitchen resurfacing.

For your peace of mind all our work comes with a 5-year warranty.


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