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Bring Your Old Bathroom Back To Life with Vivid

Is your bath or shower base are worn out, dull, or in need of a colour change? Not happy with the colour of your wall tiles? Are they dull, dated or discoloured? 

Vivid Resurfacing has cost effectively Re-Glazed 100’s of dated bathrooms over the years using Vivid’s very own Resurfacing method and skilled approach. 

Our qualified tradesmen then carefully remove All taps and fittings. Shower screens are removed as well as old mouldy silicone cut out.Wall tiles and all surfaces are chemically etched eliminating any contaminates leaving the surface porous, in preparation for the new finish. 

We then repair damaged or chipped tiles and completely Regrout your bathroom’s worn tile grout sealing them from mould. We then begin our ReGlazing process bringing your Bathroom back to life with a new modern look and feel with the end result producing a highly glazed, hard wearing durable finish ideal for Wall tiles, shower bases and baths in a colour of your choice! 

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Bathroom FAQS

What is bathroom resurfacing?

Bathroom resurfacing is a fantastic way to drastically improve the look and feel of your bathroom without the headache and major expense of renovation.

How long Does bathroom resurfacing last?

Yes it does with the proper care and maintenance. Our unique resurfacing process will last because we do not cut critical steps like chemically etching wet areas that ensures our resins are fully bonded. Our skilled approach to correct preparation is paramount in achieving a quality finish in your bathroom.

Benefits of bathroom

A resurfaced bathroom looks fantastic and can be enjoyed many more years that can be completed in a matter of days and not months. We offer a timely cost effective alternative to replacing your bathroom.

What can be resurfaced in my Bathroom?

We can resurface pretty much everything! -Baths

  • Wall Tiles
  • Shower Bases
  • Vanities And Cabinetry
  • Basins
  • Benchtops

How is the surface prepared?

We chemically etch all areas prior to resurfacing, remove old silicone, repair chips,cracks and grout lines.

Can you organise new Shower screens?

Yes we can, you can choose from a framed,semi-frameless or frameless shower screen and are available in black,white and chrome finishes.

Can we regrout your tiles?

Absolutely! We like to set the standard high by regrouting all worn grout lines before resurfacing to give a seamless finish.

Do you repair cracked or chipped tiles?

Yes, we carry out all repairs before we resurface your bathroom.

Kitchen and Bathroom Restoration

Resurfacing tiles, baths, shower base's and cabinets

We specialise in Both Residential and commercial projects. Servicing all areas of Melbourne, Our experienced Team of Resurfacing Specialists can breathe life back into your home without breaking the bank on a full remodel. Instead of ripping your kitchen apart, consider our exclusive Benchtop Resurfacing and cabinetry refinishing instead.


We can repair and refinish Benchtops in a stone look finish, kitchen resurfacing melbourne. Cabinetry as well as Reglazing bathroom wall tiles, baths and shower bases with industry-leading acrylic epoxy coatings to change the look of your family home or investment.


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