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Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What Is Resurfacing?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a cost effective alternative to Kitchen & bathroom replacement that looks and feels like new without the major expense of replacement.

All work is generally completed on site and there are no additional costs, such as plumbers or electrical in most circumstances.

A complete kitchen and bathroom makeover generally takes one to two weeks to complete.

What colours and sheens can I choose?

We offer two sheen levels, a 50% Semi-Gloss or a 30% Satin. We can match colours from the Dulux range, which give you endless possibilities. 

Another Company Resurfaced our Kitchen/Bathroom - It Went Horribly Wrong - Can You Help Us?

Yes. We commonly repair other resurfacers’ work.

We often hear and see kitchens and bathrooms that have been resurfaced so badly by other companies that the only way to fix them is to start the job all over again.

Our technicians take genuine pride in their workmanship to guarantee you piece of mind. You will receive the best results achievable for your kitchen or bathroom and it will also be completed on time, in a professional manner.

We take service, quality, durability, the environment and the long-term professionalism of the resurfacing industry very seriously. We do not substitute quality over quantity Period.

Does 2PAC  adhere to old natural timber doors

Our resins will adhere to timber kitchens however there are significant issues with future cracking. Natural timber doors consist of 5 pieces of timber that are glued together, these joins will crack as the timber expands and contracts with changing temperature conditions. Cracks will generally start appearing in as little as three months due to the impact of seasonal change. Our warranty does not apply to applications on timber or veneers for this reason.

How can I be sure your company is legitimate and offers a warranty?

Vivid Resurfacing is 100% Australian owned & operated. We are not a franchise affiliated company that can only use a “certain” material.

We have extensively tested most resurfacing materials and processes over the years to make sure that our exclusive range of high-quality coatings and resins are the best available anywhere in the world in every aspect.

All work is fully guaranteed with a 5-year warranty in compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act.

All of our coatings are purpose designed for use in a domestic situation and comply with applicable clean air regulations and workplace standards.

At Vivid we mechanically, chemically and thermally bond high quality purpose engineered resins and coatings on to existing substrates to offer a far superior more durable surface.

We take service, quality, durability, the environment and the long-term professionalism of the resurfacing industry very seriously.

We are Melbourne's Resurfacing Experts

We Look forward to working with you to achieve your highest expectations.


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