In the Beginning


It all Started back in 2006 when I first picked up a spray gun at the beginning of my apprenticeship and begun the journey into the world of applying atomized 2pack materials with compressed air to surfaces.

In 2011 ,I completed my apprenticeship in automotive vehicle refinishing cert 3… in 2015 I diversified my craft from the automotive industry into the residential renovation industry & have never looked back.

My extensive knowledge of Bathroom and Kitchen Resurfacing far exceeds my competitors. In all aspects of the trade.

It might seem a tad arrogant for you reading , the reason i say it is because of the REAL quality finishes we get and never get tired of hearing my clients say WOW when they walk into their Resurfaced kitchen for the first time.

There are paint suppliers here in australia who give 2 week training courses to “resurfacers” in exhange for using there cheap products, who then advertise they are some sort of qualified “expert” and the results are horrendous. These people are some of my competitors…I’ve heard some horror stories…Are they REALLY genuine qualified tradesmen? So do your research Ladies and Gents!

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